Sunday, January 01, 2012

A new year to live, a new year to serve

So today is January 1, and I am doing what I always do on Sunday morning. Rising early, waking up the brain, and looking over my notes for the day's message for our people at Grace Bible Church. Sprinkling the time with prayer, looking for new insight, and asking God for clarity in my own mind and when I speak.

Sometimes I think to myself, "one of these days I will be finished with sermon preparation on Friday," but that causes me to wonder. Why not continue to think and pray and edit all the while until I stand up and walk to the pulpit? This habit of reviewing and meditating late on Saturday and early on Sunday is not a burden but a blessing because it helps me to stay focused.

Heavenly Father, stir up your Spirit in my heart and mind to reveal your message today in a manner that challenges, convicts, equips, and ushers in a degree of life change in your servant and your people. Amen.

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