Monday, January 02, 2012

Thoughts at the end of the day

Mondays this winter are proving to be long days. A few years ago, Mondays were off days. Time to spend with the family. Time to rest. My Sabbath day. Now it's not, and that concerns me. It's not that I feel the need to sleep in. (What's that?) It's that I know my body, mind, and spirit need the rest. I believe it is part of the ebb and flow of total health. I believe it is the pattern that God modeled and we should follow. And right now, I'm not living it like it was intended. And, no, I don't feel a New Year's resolution coming on. Just an observation and an stimulus to pray.

Yesterday I began a new Bible reading plan. Ten chapters per day, from ten different books Will let you know how it goes and what benefits can be gained from that style of reading. I am also reading other books and trying my hand at the Kindle. Bought one for Sally for her birthday, and my hope is to make it through God, Marriage, and Family by Andreas Kostenberger.

Yesterday I began a new preaching / teaching series in the book of 1 Corinthians. Chapter 1, verses 1-3. Main homiletical point: Commit to the will of God for your life by walking in a sanctified manner, and experience the grace and peace that God gives. I look forward to digging and discovering every week, but the challenge continues to be maintaining focus throughout the week and disciplining myself to shape and craft exegetical information into words that pierce the heart. I give what I can to the work, but only the Holy Spirit can make the impact.

On the running side of life, my training has slowed down. I desire to run a 10k in mid-February down in Georgia. Thinking ahead to the summer and fall, my goals are to continue working on distance and speed. If I can stay injury free during the track season, I'd like to improve my 400m time and then work toward a respectable 10k and 5k time. Is it too much to wish for a 10k pace of 7:45? My PR for 10k is in the 45 min range (7:15 pace). My desire for the 5k is to be under 21 minutes (6:45 pace?). My goal for the 400m is 55-57 sec. Either way, I am grateful to have the ability to move and exercise at will without pain.

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